About Us

Born out of necessity.

We were tired of trying to keep track of ambiguous dice 'tokens' while playing trading card games like Magic: The Gathering. Which token was which? Which ones were flying? Why were we cursed with terrible memory?

We wanted to find something that could actually represent what the token was actually supposed to be. Not only that, but something that could also be 'tapped' and able to represent multiples of the same creature or item. Existing token cards are fine, but carrying a giant pile to be prepared for anything is impractical.

Then we created InfiniTokens.

Armed with our dry erase cards, we could make any token we wanted any time we wanted it. We erased and redrew. We tapped. We used them as life pads. We stored them in our deck box. We even used them for our opponents' creatures; no one ever seemed to mind. Especially when we encouraged them to draw their own.

Other players loved the idea and started expressing interest in having dry erase tokens of their own, so we decided to produce them for everyone!

There was also interest in creating proxies for card games. We tested wet erase markers and voila! The marker won't come off until you use rubbing alcohol to remove it.

Having any token you want at the drop of a hat, while carrying only a couple of cards? Perfect!

Close to our hearts.

We don't just sell InfiniTokens- we use them too! We love to share them with the world, and we love to see them out in the wild so send us your photos!

We’re a small team with big dreams. We’re not perfect, but we try our best to make everyone happy. We want to share InfiniTokens with the world, one player at a time.

Giving back.

We're happy to be involved with Weirdcards Charitable Club, a non-profit 'games-for-good' organization started by employees at the Mayo Clinic that travels to all kinds of events to raise money for many different charities. Check them out at weirdcards.org.

They began MagiKids, a non-profit that focuses on helping teach kids valuable life skills through Magic: The Gathering. They donate decks, run events and work with all kinds of organizations.

Fun fact: They are the creators of OATHBREAKER, a new variant of Commander with a 60-card deck that that allows Planeswalkers and employs a signature spell. Check it out!

Always sharing.

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