What is your shipping policy?

We try our best to charge only what we pay. We do for you what we'd like done for us. We hope to get shipping lower in the future.


Whatever postage costs, we charge. Due to their durable nature they are not flexible in stacks and have good weight to them, so at minimum they must be shipped parcel package. But the good news is, once you get past that the shipping prices increase much more slowly. The more you order, the cheaper it gets per item.


International parcel package shipping from the US, no matter the size, costs $4.50 minimum. Alas, we do not yet have our own plane to travel to exotic lands, so we must pay what it costs.

Does the dry erase marker come off on other surfaces or if I shuffle?

Yes. Yes it will. That's the point of dry erase marker, it will come off with touch (whether from a finger, cloth or another card). If you touch the marker, it will rub off. If you place drawings face down onto a stainable surface like a playmat or stack things on top of it, it may stain. Generally, we hope people use common sense. But we know not everyone does.

If you want to shuffle the cards, see the next question:

Can these be used to prototype card games? Can they be sleeved?

Yes they can! If you use WET ERASE MARKER, the image will not rub off like the dry erase. You can shuffle, sleeve and playtest. When you decide you'd like to change a card, use Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and a cloth to remove it. (Just make sure not to get the card damp, try to avoid the edges when possible. Rub outward at the edges, not inward.)

What if I can't draw? 

No problem! Chances are no one’s judging your artistic skills, but if you don’t want to draw, just write it out! Works just fine.

If I use permanent marker, will it come off? 

No. Permanent markers are, indeed, permanent. Yes, we have been asked this question. If you wish for something to be permanent, if you want to have your favorite artist making a drawing you’d like to keep, permanent marker would be perfect.

What if it stains?

Not a problem! Use plain old Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and a cloth to remove it. Don't get the card damp, try to avoid the edges when possible. Rub outward at the edges, not inward. Cheap markers can sometimes stain, but the rubbing alcohol will do the trick. Try your best not to leave the dry erase on the cards for too long too many times- eventually the alcohol can start rubbing off the dry erase surface if overused.

How do I keep it from staining?

We recommend to erase the drawing within a few hours of use. Erase it before putting it into a deck box, or placing anything on top of it. The nature of any dry erase surface is that it can have marks left. Sometimes cheap markers can stain. It is an easy fix; we mention above that a small amount of rubbing alcohol will take it right off.

What markers should I use?

For dry erase marker we have liked UBrands and Staples brand so far. UBrands makes the mini deck box sized markers. Expo brand works too, they can occasionally stain a tiny bit. Expo extra fine marker has a thin line, but tends leave very light ghost markings though it can easily be removed with rubbing alcohol later. For wet erase markers we usually use Vis-a-Vis. Non dry or wet-erase markers will not come off of the cards. If you want to create a permanent card or proxy, use a permanent marker like a Sharpie or an artists pen.

Can't I just use (dice, piece of paper, library card) for tokens?

You are welcome to use any device you like! Whatever makes you happy. We don't mind. If you later decide you want a durable, reusable, tappable, portable token that can also be used as a life pad or proxies, give us a look! They are sure to impress your friends and make your opponents jealous. But by all means, use your grocery store card or a plastic dart (both true stories).

Will a judge allow these?

So far in our research, the consensus is that judges not only would allow it, but they would appreciate being able to see what a token is, and if it is tapped. Support the sanity of your local judges!