What are Infinitokens?

InfiniTokens are customizable, reusable dry erase cards for use with trading and collectible card games such as Magic: The Gathering and more. They can be used for tokens, score pads, game stats, counters, you name it!

Want to make prototypes for card game? Use a wet erase marker and it will stay put until you remove it with a little bit of rubbing alcohol. 

Standard playing card size (2.5 "x 3.5").
Reusable, dry-erase surface.
High quality, durable 350gsm stock.
Will fit in standard size Magic: The Gathering sleeves and deck boxes.


Gaming is complicated enough with proper visual aids. Stand-ins like dice work in a pinch, but how much strategy can you really focus on when you’re forced to remember what each piece is supposed to represent? Is that 2 pip die one 2/2 creature or two 1/1 creatures? Is it tapped or not? Does it have flying or deathtouch? Is it a different creature type than the die next to it? You want to play a strategy game, not 'memory'.

Memorize no more! Focus on your strategy, not keeping track of yours and your opponent's creatures. Replace those indistinguishable dice with clearly marked dry erase cards.

Stats change? Erase and rewrite. Creature die? Put it aside to use later before erasing. Multiples of the same creature? Stack blank cards behind a single marked one to represent multiple creatures, so you can tap as many as you please at a time. No artistic skills? Write a name and stat, no drawing necessary. No life counters handy? Use InfiniTokens to keep track of the score.

What else can they be used for?

Bring a handful to a Con and have your favorite artist draw on it with permanent marker. Now you have a sketch on high quality cards that you can use as an actual token!

Some of our fans found uses we hadn't anticipated like Tic-Tac-Toe emulators and Puzzle Dev for Escape Rooms. They can also be used for flash cards, initiative order in D&D, even grocery lists. Have you found something else to use them for? Let us know!


Meeting your favorite artist at a convention? Commission them to draw on an InfiniToken with a regular or artists pen and voila! You have a permanent, high quality, perfectly sized token ready to go into your deck box and impress your friends.

This token is by the talented Magic artist Zack Stella, courtesy of Weirdcards Charitable Club.