Dominaria Prerelease!

What better opportunity is there for dry erase tokens than a Magic: The Gathering prerelease when you may or may not pull the right tokens? Not only that, but meeting new people and the shared excitement for the new event all come together with the potential for having fun with them.

What did we go nuts for in the prerelease? SAPROLINGS! Lean, mean, green non-machines. 



Starting off strong with Slimefoot, and here's some saproling buddies! Hi, guys!


Now those buddies brought some of their own buddies.

They're... wait for it... BUDDING!


Now it's saproling versus saproling? What is the world coming to, where adorable little tree creatures are turning on their own kind?!


This "Matt" person needs to reconsider his life choices.

We felt sorry for the guy next to us using card ads as tokens- we lent him a hand.