And the winner is....

Design #2!

A huge THANK YOU to the community for your feedback on the redesign! The clear favorite by a wide margin was design #2. The least favorite was the original design (live and learn!) The reverse side (with an area for power/toughness) will be mostly unchanged except the logo will be a little bit smaller.

You were all instrumental in helping us make sure it was the right choice.

As a show of appreciation, we are looking to do a giveaway towards the end of the month. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram to keep an eye out!

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As of right now we are completely sold out, but the new design is in progress and will be ready after April 22. You can preorder them in our shop to be the first in line!

Your opinions and feedback are always welcome. If there is something that needs improving, something you think might work better, or if you just want to share what you use your tokens for, let us know!

THANK YOU AGAIN for being awesome!